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Apr. 1st, 2008


Today's Daily Prophet Headlines

Front page:

Death Eater Sightings Increase
Ministry urges citizens of magical communities to use caution when traveling
How to keep yourself safe: a guide; see page 2

St. Mungo's Struggles to Keep Up
Influx of patients continues to climb

Bookshop Arson Investigation Dropped
Scrimgeour wants Ministry to concentrate on more important matters

Rita Skeeter's Daily Report: Why They Haven't A Clue: An In-Depth Study of the People Who Claim to Be In Charge

Mar. 28th, 2008



(no subject)

WHO: Sirius and anyone who shows up
WHAT: sulking thinking
WHERE: Not where you'd think!
WHEN: Right after this
RATING: Probably PG-13

I know that I am like the rain / There, but for the grace of you, go ICollapse )

Mar. 27th, 2008

Bringing sexy back


After the Meeting

WHO: Tonks and Snape and Lupin
WHAT: Snape wants a shower
RATING: Mystery... all my life has been a mystery...

Severus was beyond exhausted. Sweat and grease dripped liberally from his nose and hair. He needed and longed for the water pressure and soap of the upstairs shower.

"Tonks?" he asked slowly. "Do you remember the incantation I showed you earlier?" Not waiting for an affirmative, he continued, "Could you do it now?" Oh, that shower...

Mar. 26th, 2008

faith hope sanity a liver


(no subject)

WHO: Sirius & Samantha (who else?)
WHEN: Immediately after this
WHAT: Post-meeting breakdown
WHERE: their flat
RATING: Who knows?

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Mar. 19th, 2008



(no subject)

 WHO: The Order of the Phoenix. (Whatever's left of it, anyway..)
WHAT: Meeting
WHEN: Two weeks after New Years. (The evening of January 14th.)
RATING: It's a mystery!

Tonks sighed deeply, staring at herself in the bathroom mirror. The members of the Order would be here any moment for the meeting. To say that she was nervous would be an understatement. She had made sure to get out all of her crying in the shower so that she wouldn't feel the tears creeping up on her anytime tonight.

Quietly humming a Blondie song, she finished applying the dark makeup to her eyes, ran her fingers through her freshly-dyed pink hair, and made sure her push-up bra was doing what it was supposed to do. Tonight she had to look flawless. It was absolutely neccessary. No longer would she let the people she loved see her in such a miserable state. It was time for a new Tonks.

Tonks' boots clunked loudly on the floor as she made her way to the kitchen. She took a small batch of multicolored sugar cookies out of the oven and let them cool off on the cookie sheet. Glancing at the small clock on the wall, she took a quick look around the kitchen to make sure it was spotless. Yep. Here we go, Tonks. Knock 'em dead.

She plopped into a nearby chair and kicked her feet up on the table.

Mar. 11th, 2008

Not Impressed At All (xxmoony)


(no subject)

WHO: Remus and Sirius
WHAT: A...discussion, possibly warranting italics
WHEN: After Sirius sees the state Tonks is in
WHERE: Sirius' flat
RATING: How do you generally rate something probably filled to the brim with shouting?

Remus arrived at Sirius' flat with a faint, prickly feeling of foreboding.

Sirius had never been, at least in Remus' experience, a writer of nice letters. But he wasn't usually so...curt. Or clipped. Or angry on paper. There were a million ways to describe the letter, and none of them involved friendliness. He wondered, in a vague sort of way, why, and knocked.

When there was no answer, he hovered on the porch for a moment before letting himself in. A wall of sound smacked him in the face.

It was amateur sound, dotted with squeals and wrong notes, but it was loud and Remus' ears were ringing even before he shut the door behind him. Clutching his ears, he strode into the living room. "Sirius, mate, what the hell?" he shouted over the noise. A headache began to pound in his temple.


Owl to Remus Lupin


We need to talk. Now.

~ Padfoot

Feb. 8th, 2008



A day in the life..

 WHO: Tonks and Sirius
WHAT: Family visit of sorts.
WHEN: Five days after New Years.
RATING: Who knows?

Getting used to living in such a place was difficult for Tonks. She was used to her small, but cozy, tacky, but cheery flat. And this... well, this place was large, cold, dark, and scary.

Before New Years Day, Tonks had redecorated Number Twelve Grimmauld Place. Well, not the whole place. It was far too big for that, and some of the rooms didn't want to change much, or at all.

She had cleaned... sort-of. Many of the walls were too stubborn, and refused to let go of their aged, torn wallpaper. But the floors? Ah, she had done wonders on the floors! Tonks was never very good at housekeeping charms, but with all of her free time from being unemployed, she had studied and practiced a few for hours. The kitchen now was... almost clean. Tonks had added a sparkling charm on the kitchen walls, to add a cheery sort of mood to the Order meetings they would have. It would sparkle gold, pink, green, and blue in various patterns. She had added pink and black polka-dotted ribbons to the railings of the stairs, and with some protest from her lovely great-aunt , she had changed the color of the curtains hung around her portrait to a bright pink.

Sure, not much had changed, but she did what she could.

Sirius' room... well.. the walls had been changed to pink as well. It was her room now, and she needed to feel at home, right? Various muggle punk band posters were taped onto the walls. Stuffed animals were strewn across the room. She had kept all of Sirius' old things in the room, of course, but most of them were stored in a chest. 

After New Years, however.. a few things had changed.

The old umbrella stand next to the door had been hexed so many times it looked as if it was shot over and over again with a shotgun, and then thrown in a fire.

The kitchen was filthy. Food was left out, and there was a broken shot glass on the floor.

In Sirius' old room, there were a couple of ashtrays filled with cigarette butts, empty beer bottles, and a half-empty bottle of rum. The walls were black. And there Tonks sat, moping, on her bed. Her hair was longer, and looked darker and duller brown than ever before. She was eating candy. Chocolate candy, while glaring at a spot on the wall that refused to turn black and stared with a mocking pink back at her.

Tonks wasn't feeling very cheery.

Jan. 21st, 2008

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(no subject)

WHO: Remus and Tonks
WHAT: Er...discussions.
WHEN: New Year's Eve
WHERE: Remus' flat

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