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t0nksy in ootp_united

Who: Tonks... and everyone else minus Snape. I'm too lazy to type names but not this excuse. Ahem.
When: Three days after Snape and Tonks started watching Peter.
Where: 12GP.
Why: Kingsley has news!


Tonks was tied. She had been guarding the rat for most of the day alone. Snape was off doing some sort of Death Eater business. Tonks didn't ask what. She didn't need to know.

She was leaning lazily on the table, her head resting on one arm while the other was pointing the wand at the rat to keep him in a suspended state. It was boring, but Tonks had mastered the spell that Snape had taught her, so it didn't quite hurt as much anymore. She had forgotten every time to bring something to read before they switched off the guard.

Despite all of the creatures that probably inhabited the house, all was quiet and still. Tonks found herself drifting asleep. The past couple of nights hadn't been the most relaxing, and all she wanted to do now was just rest her eyes..

Just for a few minutes..

It would be fine. Just a few..


Quite suddenly, the fireplace flared and none other than Kingsley stepped out, looking harassed. He took in the scene at the table with some surprise, blinking at the sight of the caged rat.
Tonks jumped, slamming her knee on the bottom of the table as her eyes fluttered open in a panic.


With wide eyes, she found Kingley's. Glancing to make sure that Peter was still nice and captive, she smiled lightly and relaxed. "Ello, Kingsley." As she rubbed her knee with her free hand she spoke in a sing-songy voice. "Whaaaatcha dooinn'?"

Yep. She was tired.
Kingsley opened his mouth to ask, but decided against it. He wasn't here to make conversation. He had news to deliver.

"I have a bit of news that what remains of the Order is probably not going to be happy to hear," he announced. "They need to be called here immediately."
"Oh." Tonks frowned lightly and sighed. It was going to be another one of those nights, wasn't it? She almost prefered the exhaustingly boring task that was guarding Peter Pettigrew.

Normally she would have instantly sent her patronus to alert the others. But it had changed lately. And it was embarassing in the current situation. And they may not be able to recognize who it belonged to.

"Could you call them? I'm sort of all-magiced-out." She looked pointedly at the rat in the cage with tired eyes.
Kingsley's eyebrows went up a fraction, but he nodded in reply before drawing his own wand and giving it a practiced flick. The silvery shape of a Patronus shot out of the end and disappeared.
Of the three other main members of the Order, Remus arrived first, looking sleepy. He'd managed to throw on a rumpled shirt and pair of jeans, at least, but his hair was a mess. Sleep didn't come often for him, so he took it where he could and didn't wake up too easily.

"Yes?" he murmured, stifling a yawn.
"Wotcher, Remus," she mumbled sleepily, waving once, and slowly slumping down further into the table.

Tonks stared blankly at the rat on the table as her eye twitched a few times without her permission.
"Hello, To--are you all right?"
"Pfft," she replied simply, waving a hand in dismissal. Her eyes were half-open, but focused on Peter.
Sirius was next to emerge from the fireplace, brushing soot from his hair and looking distracted. He'd been playing guitar (when wasn't he, these days?) when Kingsley's Patronus showed up, and he wasn't too happy about being interrupted.

"What's going on?" he asked, taking in the awkward scene.
"I have a bit of news," Kingsley replied. "It's ot so much alarming as it is irritating, but, nonetheless, it must be dealt with."
*not, I can spell...
Kingsley rubbed his chin and sighed; a rare action for him.

"Casey Pickett has woken up," he announced. "I was at St. Mungo's on other business and was informed that she had been complaining very loudly for some time about being left in the dark as to the whereabouts of her brother. She seems to have made a full recovery..."

September 2008

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