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otherville in ootp_united

WHO: Kingsley and Diana
WHAT: Snooping Looking for information
WHERE: Knockturn Alley
WHEN: Very soon after this
RATING: Not sure. PG or PG-13, depending

Kingsley was not snooping. Snooping implied hiding oneself, ducking in shadows, listening in on otherwise private conversations, and generally going about unseen. Which was exactly what he was doing, but he was one of the Good Guys, so it didn't count as snooping. No, this was gathering information. Yeah.

Currently, he was flying under the radar in Knockturn Alley, hidden by a rather good Disillusionment charm. Thus far, no one had taken any notice of him, not even to turn their head at the sudden sensation of someone walking by when there wasn't anyone there. Kingsley was good at Disillusionment.

He tucked himself into a tiny side alley between two dilapidated buildings as a group of indistinguishable creatures in black cloaks went by. Whatever they were, they weren't human. Knockturn Alley was getting more dangerous every day; a microcosm of the outside world.

He was just about to move back into the main alley when loud voices approached, sounding quite drunk. Kingsley pressed himself against the wall of one of the buildings, keeping to the shadows of the side alley despite the charm already concealing him from view. Drunken wizards could be dangerous...


"Perhaps," Diana replied with a sardonic little smile. "Though if today's performance is any indication, 80% of the time I'm going to be the one coughing up bona fides." Bona fides were the intelligence term for verifiable intel that was given to show someone was who said they were. Diana realized she needed to tone down her vocabulary. She was going to give it away that she was a professional at this. It was better to look like an amateur which who just read too many espionage novels. She was way past that point, already.

She tossed some coins to Tom, giving the man more than the tab was. Diana was a rather prolific tipper. She wondered what to do now... it was rather late to be skulking about Knockturn Alley now. She had to admit after a rather stilted conversation, it was going to be very lonely in her flat tonight.
"We'll see," was all Kingsley said. He was already going over Diana's information in his mind, wondering how he was going to fill in the blanks. He could do some listening of his own, now that he knew what to listen for, and perhaps he could do a little talking, too...
"Erm... right." she said, pulling on her cloak again and just staring out the door at the darkness and the rain. It was going to be hard to walk away...

Berating herself for her reluctance, she turned and stuck out her hand. "Pleasure to meet you, however strange it was," she remarked cordially.
Figuring that it was safe to at least return this pleasantry, Kingsley shook the proffered hand.

"Likewise," he replied. "Forgive me for being distant, but I've found caution to be necessary in this day and age."
"Like I said," she replied with a gentle smile. "You're forgiven. You're security-conscious and that's a good thing. I'm less so right now, because I have less to lose." She gave him a firm, professional handshake and then turned on her heel, heading back out into Diagon Alley. One last hurrah for the night... Time to sit and drink with in an Knockturn Alley bar. After all of the excitement, she couldn't bring herself to return "home."

September 2008

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