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soulless_sailor in ootp_united

WHO: The Order (or what's left of it)
WHEN: Not long after the last meeting
WHAT: What to do about Ben, Pettigrew, and all...that...jazz!
RATING: Probably PG-13

Sirius was beginning to hate Order meetings. Going back to 12 Grimmauld Place for any length of time was depressing; going back and having to watch Tonks--or worse, Snape--keep Pettigrew under that ridiculous stupefying spell was even worse. Add to that the fact that the Order itself wasn't much use any more, and it all seemed very futile.

Nevertheless, he stuffed the parchment containing his notes on the info Diana had given him into his pocket and Floo'd over to the decrepit house. Samantha was still at work and was going to follow when she got home.


Remus was sitting at the table when Sirius got there, forehead against the heel of his palm and brow furrowed in something bordering on pain and crossing the line of frustration. It took him a minute to register that his friend had even arrived; when he did, he acknowledged him with a grim, tired look.

"Peter's gone," he said, low and dangerous.
This wasn't exactly the scene Sirius had expected to find upon stepping out of the fireplace. A tired Tonks, maybe, or a resigned Snape, snarky and annoying as always...not Remus, and not those words.

His eyes roamed the room of their own accord for a moment, as if to try and find evidence to prove those words wrong. Something, anything, to tell him that Remus was somehow mistaken. Of course, he found no such thing. His mouth opened and closed a few times.

"What??" he said finally, his tone somewhere between utterly bewildered and enraged.
The werewolf rubbed his face, lip curling in an almost animal snarl, and slammed his hands on the table.

"Snape's gone too. They're both gone. Tonks refuses to come out of her bedroom," he ground through his teeth, "because she's upset. She says she went to nap between her shifts, came out, and Snape had gone with the rat. They're gone, Sirius. And I can't smell where they went, so they must have Apparated. They're gone."
"Damn it," Sirius breathed, rage making his voice little more than a whisper. "Damn it, I knew something like this would happen--"
"I know you knew. I know you knew, but it wasn't supposed to happen--"
"But it did, and I knew it was going to, and no one listened to me!" Sirius exclaimed. He slammed his open palm against the wall, causing dust to cascade down from the ceiling. "We should have killed him and been done with it!"
"But we didn't, Sirius," he snapped, shaking his head and drawing a hand across his mouth. "So now what do we do about it?"
Sirius Floo'd into the flat after Samantha, already knowing what was coming. Hadn't they been over this before...?
"Samantha, I thought we'd been through this a dozen times," Sirius sighed. "First of all, hanging around Knockturn Alley isn't safe even for Death Eaters..."
"Five minutes is five minutes too long, and if she is on time, you'll be walking straight into danger with someone more reckless than I am."
"The difference being, when it's us, I'm there!" Sirius shot back, his voice cracking.

September 2008

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