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diana_citanul in ootp_united

Where: Outside the entrance to Suspyre
When:  Midnight
Why: Death Eater spying
Rating: R, probably...
Who:  Diana, Samantha

Diana waited outside the entrance to Suspyre, standing in the shadows and avoiding the Death Eaters who came and went.  She wasn't sure if she should be waiting-- Sirius Black had never sent her notice of whom he was sending to replace himself in this endeavor.  Maybe she was just duped and he wasn't going to follow through.  She hadn't known what to entirely make of him.

The night air was chilly, so she drew her thick cloak further about her, watch the streets carefully.  It was going to be a long night, regardless if she had to do this with someone else or not...  The steady beat that made the cobblestones under her feet vibrate, even out here, said that the party was on... Now, the hard part was how to properly crash it...


"'m drinkin' to celebrate," the Death Eater slurred, effectively answering Diana's question. But he kept looking at Samantha.
The Death Eater grinned. This was the life. In the Dark Lord's good graces, drunk as a skunk, with two beautiful women fawning over him. Yeah.

Little did he know that this attitude was going to make him a perfect target. Bragging came naturally to a drunk man with a good ego boost.
Diana wished she had mentioned a casual signal for 'good job/keep it up!' Because that was exactly the way she felt about Samantha's tactics... She was picking up on the game and playing perfectly.

"Yeah, Lucas," she drawled out. "Tell her all about it... I mean, you totally deserve it after everything... Having to take care of a stupid muggle and travel so far each day... Finally the Dark Lord is recognizing you by showing up when the prisoner is moved. So when's the big day?"
"Yeah!" Lucas agreed adamantly, waving his drink. "Overext--overex--taxin' myself for some stupid Muggle. Fin'ly gettin' some recogni--gettin' rewarded."
"S'why 'm gettin' my promotion," Lucas declared. "Day after t'morrow, after we move the bloody Muggle, 'm gonna be movin' up..."
"So where is the Dark Lord coming to, then? You told me it was up north, but is there any chance we could get to see him? You know how badly I've wanted to see him in person, I mean, it would be like a dream come true!" Diana exclaimed, fanning her face a bit as if to ward off tears at the mere thought of seeing Voldemort.
Lucas sipped his drink thoughtfully, again managing to spill on himself.

"Dunno," he mumbled. "Th' Dark Lord doesn't like bein'--bein' bothered..."
"Oh, I didn't mean meet, just see... I mean, from afar. You could do that, couldn't you, Lucas? I mean, we'd just get a glance, and then that'd be it... If there's anyone who could do it, it would be you..." Diana pushed, trying to wheedle the man along. "Just a look... I mean, how cool could that be?!" she exclaimed to Samantha, appearing to be bubbling over with excitement.
Even drunk, Lucas possessed enough mental capacity to recognize a potential threat to his promotion. He wasn't yet drunk enough to be dark, brooding, and cynical to the point where he realized what a promotion from the Dark Lord actually meant.

"Dunno," he slurred again. "Maybe. We're gonna be...y'know...busy. Movin' the bloody Muggle."
"You know I have family up north, so transportation wouldn't be a problem," Diana pushed on. "Just let me know where he would be... I mean, if it's close my parents would be so excited... they'd be living near a place where the Dark Lord is doing his good work! And where you'll be getting your big promotion!" She squealed. "I told them allll about it... You know how my parents are, they like to know progress is being made. I think they'll be much more excited having a tangible location to know that he's really getting rid of muggle filth," she declared, pushing her pureblood ancestry into the mix, danging a little bait in front of him. Little did he know that her pureblood, Voldemort-biased family was in the United States...
"Dunno. Maybe. S'long way. Got a long way to go."

September 2008

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