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diana_citanul in ootp_united

Where: Outside the entrance to Suspyre
When:  Midnight
Why: Death Eater spying
Rating: R, probably...
Who:  Diana, Samantha

Diana waited outside the entrance to Suspyre, standing in the shadows and avoiding the Death Eaters who came and went.  She wasn't sure if she should be waiting-- Sirius Black had never sent her notice of whom he was sending to replace himself in this endeavor.  Maybe she was just duped and he wasn't going to follow through.  She hadn't known what to entirely make of him.

The night air was chilly, so she drew her thick cloak further about her, watch the streets carefully.  It was going to be a long night, regardless if she had to do this with someone else or not...  The steady beat that made the cobblestones under her feet vibrate, even out here, said that the party was on... Now, the hard part was how to properly crash it...


"Oh, I didn't mean meet, just see... I mean, from afar. You could do that, couldn't you, Lucas? I mean, we'd just get a glance, and then that'd be it... If there's anyone who could do it, it would be you..." Diana pushed, trying to wheedle the man along. "Just a look... I mean, how cool could that be?!" she exclaimed to Samantha, appearing to be bubbling over with excitement.
Even drunk, Lucas possessed enough mental capacity to recognize a potential threat to his promotion. He wasn't yet drunk enough to be dark, brooding, and cynical to the point where he realized what a promotion from the Dark Lord actually meant.

"Dunno," he slurred again. "Maybe. We're gonna be...y'know...busy. Movin' the bloody Muggle."
"You know I have family up north, so transportation wouldn't be a problem," Diana pushed on. "Just let me know where he would be... I mean, if it's close my parents would be so excited... they'd be living near a place where the Dark Lord is doing his good work! And where you'll be getting your big promotion!" She squealed. "I told them allll about it... You know how my parents are, they like to know progress is being made. I think they'll be much more excited having a tangible location to know that he's really getting rid of muggle filth," she declared, pushing her pureblood ancestry into the mix, danging a little bait in front of him. Little did he know that her pureblood, Voldemort-biased family was in the United States...
"Dunno. Maybe. S'long way. Got a long way to go."
"Carlisle's pretty far," Lucas mumbled, downing the rest of his drink and looking hopefully at both women.

"Far from London, but not from Edinburgh." She grinned. "Yes, I'll definitely be telling my family-- they'll be SO thrilled! C'mon, Lucas, aren't you excited! More drinks over here!" she hollered to one of the bartenders, suddenly having an epiphany. They still needed the exact time...

She stepped on the tool, carefully in the tall heels, and then onto the counter, plucking out her wand.

"Sonorus. Oy!" she called to the crowd out loud, the music briefly receding. "We have something big to celebrate tonight! All of you are familiar with Lucas, aren't you? Well, our favorite pal is going to be making it big! He'll be working with our Dark Lord in person!"

The cheers nearly drowned her out.

"Obviously this is a historical time and we need to PARRRRRRTAYYY! Drinks are on me, I want the best the house has! The Dark Lord's great work is continuing and WE are making it happen!"

Oh, the irony! Death Eaters, cheering her on, yelling and screaming their support and slogans.

If only they knew.

"So, Lucas--" she began again, only to be covered over by cheers, even with the Sonorus charm, "Lucas here will be promoted on..." she paused, as if she was forgetting something. "When was the time, Lucas? So we'll know to drink to you when it passes!"

She looked at him expectantly. There was nothing like being among one's peers, public pressure growing, to force a small detail, a small confession, something that would seem innocuous and insignificant... Plus, if he did it in public, it meant that if the rescue commenced, that Samantha and Diana wouldn't be the immediately obvious culprits, they would just be amongst everyone else who had the information...
Lucas blinked, bewildered at suddenly being the center of attention, and too drunk to think about what sort of trouble he'd be in if he answered Diana's question. Voldemort shared information on a need-to-know basis. If you knew, and you didn't need to know, or you told someone who didn't need to know...

But his head was fuzzy with drink, and the room full of cheering Death Eaters was spinning gently around him. At this moment, he was important.

Right? Right! Important! Yeah!

"Night after t'morrow!" came the answer. "Ten o'clock!"
The Death Eaters roared at this information. The bartenders were overloaded, starting to pass out drinks by the dozens. The music came back, at least three times as loud as it was before, the entire club going into a dancing, partying frenzy. Diana receded into the background a bit as Lucas' coworkers and friends surged forward with congratulations and to share in the celebration and the excuse to drink and dance even more.
Lucas basked in the attention, a drunken grin plastered across his face. So many people were calling for drinks, and slapping him on the back, and saying vaguely nice things to him...

This was going to be quite a night.
Diana gave a small nod, weaving her way through the crowd. It was time to go, analyze, and strategize-- provided she was allowed that, she thought to herself with a small bit of annoyance.

Along the way, she greeted the Death Eaters that she knew, shared a little conversation, and said she was headed out to tell her parents the great news-- this was happily received as she knew that they wanted her pureblood family in the ring with Voldemort.

Finally, finally, the welcoming cold night air enveloped them. Diana sighed a bit with relief. Done.

September 2008

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