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diana_citanul in ootp_united

Where: Outside the entrance to Suspyre
When:  Midnight
Why: Death Eater spying
Rating: R, probably...
Who:  Diana, Samantha

Diana waited outside the entrance to Suspyre, standing in the shadows and avoiding the Death Eaters who came and went.  She wasn't sure if she should be waiting-- Sirius Black had never sent her notice of whom he was sending to replace himself in this endeavor.  Maybe she was just duped and he wasn't going to follow through.  She hadn't known what to entirely make of him.

The night air was chilly, so she drew her thick cloak further about her, watch the streets carefully.  It was going to be a long night, regardless if she had to do this with someone else or not...  The steady beat that made the cobblestones under her feet vibrate, even out here, said that the party was on... Now, the hard part was how to properly crash it...


Diana quickly put a muffling spell again, in case any of the other partiers came out to vomit, or something.

"No, it doesn't... You mean, you don't know why this muggle is so important to the Dark Lord?" Diana didn't bother to hide her surprise. "I just assumed the rest of you did, since you all seemed to know much more about him... But if you don't..." she thought for a moment. "This is highly unusual for You-Know-Who. What else would he come out and do, if not moving a prisoner? Usually he wouldn't even move a prisoner to begin with. A muggle, he simply kills." It didn't make any sense, especially if the Order didn't know about any grand, special reason why Ben was being kept alive.
Diana took a long, deep breath. "That's a decision that shouldn't have to be made... if you have to sacrifice saving one muggle in order to, theoretically, help countless others, I'm not sure that's solid ground to stand on. Obviously I'm not a Utilitarian," she said with a small smile. And she wasn't. All human life was precious, in her opinion.

"Could You-Know-Who know that the Order wants this muggle? In that case, his greatest value to the Dark Lord would be in mobilizing the Order to where he wants it to be..." Diana's mind raced with the possibilities. "Whatever is to be done, it should be done in a way that You-Know-Who would not expect," she advised, trying to think of geographic and tactical ways of making that happen.
"No, don't change your objectives, change your modus operandi," Diana advised. "From my studies of the Order during the first war, and the rather public battle in the chambers of the Department of Mysteries, especially with the Ministry frowning on such an organization, you have behaved as an insurgent group. The Order has had to fight off the Ministry's interference and inefficacy in order to survive to fight the Dark Lord-- so he expects you to continue to behave independently." She stood silent for a few minutes, thinking deeply. "Surprise him. Make this infiltrated, ineffective bureaucracy work for you. If You-Know-Who plans to use this muggle as a diversion, create one of your own."
Diana nodded. "No, it's never fun. But, I got more accomplished with you than I usually do in three full nights of this. I'm glad it worked out. So, yes, please say in touch-- I mean it. I'm an outsider, unfamiliar, untested, and a possible risk-- I know all of that. But this is my baby, too, if you know what I mean. I risked myself to get all of this and do it, and I want to see it to completion, at the very least."
"I understand." And she did, even if it didn't work out so well for her. Diana would be in the same place, if she was on the other side-- trust nothing, investigate everything... Though, through her behavior... the Order seemed to be run more as a group agreement than with any kind of command at the helm. That could be an issue-- where was Dumbledore, was he still involved? Was there some kind of leadership transition? Maybe that would explain somethings, in that the Order didn't have a very active recruitment program, hence Diana had to ferret them out herself, which made things extremely difficult and dangerous for both the Order and any potential wannabe members. Her brain raced with the possibilities, so she just nodded. "All right, then. Be safe, have fun, all that jazz..."
"It's been known to happen-- gotta get creative!" Diana joked, waving back at her and removing the spell. She drew her cloak around her, turn in a ripple of fabric and apparating away.

September 2008

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