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Summary: We know what Harry went through during HBP. But what were the adults doing? What were the Death Eaters planning? How, ultimately, did everything unfold for those in the Order of the Phoenix?

Plot: Violence and general unrest caused by Death Eaters is on the rise. Many people are disappearing or being murdered outright, and it's difficult to know who will live to see another day. The Order of the Phoenix must work to keep everyone safe, but to do that, they have to stay one step ahead of Voldemort and his minions.

The Story So Far: Sirius's death at the Department of Mysteries was actually a ruse designed to allow him greater freedom in the wizarding world. Upon hearing this, Harry refused to speak to him or write to him outside of telling him, succinctly, to go to hell. Thus, Sirius was left alone again at 12 Grimmauld Place, waiting for a time when he could safely go out in public without fear of blowing his cover.

Remus and Tonks realized their feelings for each other, but Remus is being rather stupid about it, a fact that frustrates Sirius to no end.

After a mysterious absence, Dumbledore returned, announcing to the Order that he has been out hunting Voldemort's Horcruxes. He made no secret about his own mistakes regarding the ring, nor was he shy about stating the fact that he wouldn't be alive if it weren't for Snape. He asked Sirius to allow Snape to use 12 Grimmauld Place as a refuge if the need arose, and Sirius agreed, albeit reluctantly.

During an Order meeting, Sirius, Tonks, and Samantha volunteered to keep an eye on Death Eater activity and keep track of information gathered by other Order members.

On their first mission, Tonks and Samantha discovered the disturbing possibility that the Death Eaters have been using a Muggle bookstore as a way station for dementors, although they can't be sure why.

Shortly after at an Order meeting, Dumbledore advised Samantha and Tonks to burn the bookshop down, an idea that that Sirius didn't like at all. However, Dumbledore overrode his concern.

On Halloween night, while out looking around as part of his job for the Order, Sirius was attacked by dementors not far from Samantha's flat. He managed to escape, but was badly traumatized by the experience. Samantha figured out what had happened and went to 12GP to make sure that Sirius was all right. During the subsequent discussion, she and Sirius realized that they have deep feelings for each other, and wondered how to deal with such a relationship after having known each other for so short a time.

A week or so later, the final plans were made for the destruction of the bookshop. Sirius once again expressed his concern, but knew that the mission couldn't be stopped. Remus, too, expressed concern for Tonk's safety, but more so because Greyback's clan seemed to be catching on to the fact that the two of them started spending more time together.

The next day, Samantha and Tonks set out on their mission which, as Sirius had feared, ended up going horribly wrong. Sirius and Remus ended up jumping into the fray themselves in order to help, and although all four got out in time, it was a harrowing experience all around.

After the worst of the night was over, Sirius lifted the Imperious curse from Ben, the Muggle who owned the bookshop, and he and Samantha were shocked to learn that not only was the shop his only source of income, it had also been his home. In an attempt to make up for this gap in the Order's plan, Sirius put Ben up in a hotel room until further notice.

Sirius subsequently blamed Dumbledore for not offering a more solid plan, but Dumbledore refused to take responsibility, pointing out that his imminent demise means that the Order needs to start operating without his help.

Sirius and Samantha did their best to make up for the loss of Ben's shop by seeing him safely to relatives in Luton, although not without incident on the train. Thus far, Ben has been safe and no more has been heard from him.

Not long after, an argument with Samantha caused Sirius to finally face up to his alcoholism and promise to try and go teetotal. This was not without its side effects, but he is continuing to get through it with help.

Snape also declared his intentions to give up drinking, a decision which has left him miserable and on edge.

At the next Order meeting, and apparently senile Dumbledore officially quit his position in the Order, leaving everyone else to deal with the strange stories and accusations cropping up in both the Daily Prophet and Muggle newspapers. Snape offered to continue his spy work for the Order and, despite apprehensions, the offer was accepted.

Between Order meetings, Sirius and Samantha set out to find a flat to share. It didn't take them long to find a perfect two-bedroom place and start settling in.

Another Order meeting was called for the following week, at which Snape revealed that Rabastian Lestrange, under Polyjuice, had replaced Ben's sister, Casey, and that Ben's aunt was actually working for the Death Eaters. Plans were made to rescue the real Casey, and Samantha, Sirius, and Kingsley set out the next day.

Before setting out, Sirius & co. learned that Tonks had been fired from her Ministry job for refusing to monitor Remus, and planned to move into 12GP, since she could no longer afford her flat. Despite everyone's outrage upon hearing this, Kingsley pointed out that not much could be done at that point.

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Rules -- Applying -- Characters Wanted

Our affiliates: althp7

General Rules (subject to edit/addition):

1) The max rating for posts is R. That said, if language gets too out of hand, mod(s) reserve the right to edit community posts or ask players to tone it down.

2) This RPG is slash-free, no exceptions. Joking about slash is okay.

3) Regarding sex: Plot-related sex is allowed as long as it makes sense. Wanton, pointless, graphic, or explicit sexual posts and themes will not be tolerated.

4) RPers should be 16+ due to the RP's focus on adults. If you're just shy of 16 and want to play, the mod(s) may still consider your application.

5) If you have an issue with something that's going on in the RP, please make a community post about it so it can be discussed and resolved quickly.

6) OCs (original characters) are accepted if they fit with the plot, are well-written, and aren't Mary Sues.

7) While there is no particular character-per-person limit, we'd like to avoid a situation where the inactivity of one person cripples the RPG.

8) Humor is welcome! We believe in making light of things. Our Sirius wears novelty t-shirts on a regular basis, so it's only right that everyone have the same sort of liberty with their characters. If you have a funny idea to interject and can make it work in the canon, go for it.

9) Please note that only active character journals will be accepted into the community. Only giving posting access to people who are actually playing stops spamming before it starts. Because, like Monty Python, we don't like spam!

Gameplay Rules:

1) In-character communications, i.e. owls, go in the community. It doesn't matter to me if you put them behind a cut or not, as long as the entry has an "owl to" line somewhere, either in the subject or lj-cut text.

2) OOC communications (messages, new character posts, plot ideas, etc.) also go in the community, but please put "OOC" in the subject line somewhere.

3) Role-playing posts go in the community, too. Please post WHO, WHAT, and RATING with each. WHERE, WHY, etc. are optional. Actual RPing takes place in the comments on each entry.

4) Journals are written in first person ("I, me"). Role-playing is done in third person ("he, she").

5) Posting -- While there are no specific rules on how often/how much your characters should post, we want to keep this RPG moving. Please finish threads in a timely fashion and post to your character(s) journal when it seems appropriate. We like detailed posts!

If you only have time to post on weekends/days off/whatever, that's fine, too. It doesn't matter when you post just as long as your posts are timely. :)

6) Icons/Avatars/Playbys are required for all active characters. You can use actors from the HP movies or anyone you think is appropriate to represent your character(s). Please keep all icons appropriate according to the rules.


If you're interested in playing a character in Order of the Phoenix: United, please fill out the following application and e-mail it to infinitenesmith@gmail.com with "Ootp United App" in the subject line.




NAME of the character you wish to play:

AGE of character:

CHARACTER DESCRIPTION (for existing characters, tell us how you'll play him/her; for OCs, please give a physical description as well):

SAMPLE JOURNAL ENTRY (100 words min.):

SAMPLE RP (100 words min.):

1 OR 2 PLOT IDEAS for your character:


HOW LONG do you think you'll be able to play this RP (just curious!):

Once your application is approved, go ahead and post your character's name and journal name on the community!

Character List

Bellatrix (be1la_trix)
Molly Weasley (knitterby)
Remus (dentisquodlibri)
Samantha (OC, sleepinabasket)
Sirius (soulless_sailor)
Tonks (t0nksy)

In no particular order, and you're quite welcome to play someone who's not on the list! Death Eaters and Order members (ESPECIALLY WEASLEYS!) are our biggest needs right now.

Professors/Hogwarts Staff

Order Members
Snape (sevsnapex, up for grabs)
Dumbledore (dumbedobedum, would be temporary)
Arthur Weasley
Bill Weasley
Charlie Weasley
Hestia Jones
Alastor Moody
Kingsley Shacklebolt

Death Eaters/"Bad Guys"
Lucius Malfoy
Narcissa Malfoy
Fenrir Greyback
Rodolphus LeStrange